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I started to provide a forum for presenting breaking news about international paper & polymer money because I couldnt find anything like it on the Internet. While it is a lot of work to maintain, I have the pleasure of collaborating with avid collectors, dealers, and central bankers the world over to help spread current, correct, and comprehensive news and images about the very latest developments in this entertaining and educational hobby.

Paper Money and Currency collecting is both an active and endlessly interesting field within Numismatics. CoinWeek is pleased to me the leader in news coverage of all the major Paper Money auctions that take place and we have archived literally hundreds of articles on paper money collecting, grading, auction and individual banknote profiles.
Hello, I m Steven Bron and welcome to my blog on banknotes! Here you can find: breaking news, background articles and of course my personal collection (world notes or at least one from each country, commemorative notes and polymer notes).
A gallery of world banknotes; paper money trivia; latest banknote news; and banknote collectors and dealers directory