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banknote gallery from china.
World Paper Money Catalog and History of World Currency about 20.000 pictures of world banknotes.
Banknote Index is a banknote community website dedicated to the identification of banknotes. Banknote Index contains over 27,000 banknotes from more than 300 countries/independent states with more being added on a regular basis. All notes can be searched for by text or by uploading an image of the note you wish to identify. Searching by uploading an image allows you to find details about notes you may not be able to identify in any other way.
Welcome to one of the largest websites for a world bank note collector! Collecting world paper money takes you around the world without exposing you to all the risks of leaving the comforts of your home.

Bruno s Paper Money
Nice banknotes gallery from Bruno
Banknote World offers images and information on tens of thousands of past and present notes. Find specific issues using the Search fields, or explore notes from all over the globe by clicking the geographic links above.
Questo sito contiene la mia collezione di oltre 6600 banconote mondiali e 2100 scansioni di altri collezionisti , inoltre una sezione dedicata ai Buoni Postali Fruttiferi , circa 600 Mini Assegni in archivio , cartoline nudi d epoca anni 20 e schede telefoniche. Il sito contiene anche una sezione per lo scambio di monete mondiali , monete euro , 2 euro commemorativi e monete d argento.
World Banknote galery from Italian collector
Paper mony of the world
Numismatic studies. Nice Gallery Etudes numismatiques, une reference pour les collectionneurs !

Polish Banknotes
Polish Banknotes gallery

Bancnoteleromanesti [Romania]
Banknotes from romania
Small, but nice banknote gallery

Colecao de Cedulas do Mundo
Cédulas - Alexandre Costa World Banknotes Collection - Coleção de Cédulas do Mundo
Nice gallery, more than 2000 Banknotes.Ce site est d�di� � la billetophilie (branche de la numismatique consacr�e � l'�tude et � la collection des billets de banque). En plus des billets de banque de ma collection, vous y trouverez de nombreux articles sur cette passion (comme, par exemple, les secrets de fabrication des billets de banque, les origines du nom des monnaies...)
Numismondo is a non-commercial website as we do not buy or sell banknotes. It is published for the enjoyment and education of collectors, dealers and other interested visitors. Most fees to operate this site have been paid by the webmaster, however, if you have found it useful and wish to donate, any amount will be gratefully accepted.
Actual Notes over the world !