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Paper Money Guaranty (PMG) was founded in 2005 as a fully independent third-party paper money grading service. PMG employs a team of dedicated professional paper money graders, who are all prohibited from buying and selling notes commercially to ensure impartiality.

PCGS Currency is the market leader in third-party grading and authentication, grading more than 700,000 notes since founded in 2005.

Currency Grading and Authentication
Currency Grading and Authentication (CGA), the country s first paper money grading service, was formed in 1998 in response to a high demand from collectors and dealers for an impartial third party grading service. We are dedicated to serving the needs of the paper money collectibles industry.

ICG has a firm commitment to support the spread of the wonderful hobby of paper money collecting by upholding high standards of grading. Grading is a central element of the hobby and we firmly believe that maintaining good grading standards will attract a growing number of new collectors to paper money. Conversely, sloppy grading, or worse, grading which seeks to improve the appearance or the value of banknotes by overlooking their flaws will discourage new collectors and is a growing threat to the hobby.

Super fast turnaround times. We will not keep your collectibles tied up in our safe. We will offer standard service at 10 working days and an express service at 5 working days. Not only that, if we don t have your notes graded within the service period you have chosen we will split your grading fees with you.
World Banknote Gradin is an advanced concept third party paper money grading service, dedicated to the accurate analysis, identification and preservation of world banknotes.