Latest Links [French Indochina]
Banknotes of Vietnam and Indochina ·

Artofangkor [Cambodian notes]
Welcome to the new and improved Cambodian Currency Collection. This websites showcases my own private collection of Cambodian Banknotes and Coins

Asiamoney [Chinese Banknotes]
Studying the great variety of money issued in China and across Asia, with a focus on paper currency. [Chinese Banknotes]
This site contains a comprehensive collection of Chinese paper money and banknotes on the internet.

Changnoi s Thai Banknotes
This homepage should help to assign the Thai banknotes correctly.

British India Notes
All about British India Notes

Republic of India Notes
All about india Notes

Indian Banknotes
This website is dedicated to the study of Indian paper money from the past to the present.

Currency Museum Bank of Japan
Currency Museum Bank of Japan [Nepal]
Banknotes of NEPAL
Lotsof information about Indonesian notes

Philmoney [Philippine]
Philippine Coins and Banknotes

Bangladeshnote Blog
Lots of Notes from Bangladesh [Thailand]
Thailand banknotes [China]
Banknotes from Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao.
collection of chinese notes