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Vous trouverez dans ce catalogue la description par l image de l ensemble des assignats émis par l Etat français entre 1789 et 1796.

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The banknotes designed by French artists and printed by Banque de France are in my opinion the most beautiful notes of the twentieth century. The subject matter, striking colors, and a wonderful quality of engraving and printing make them immediately recognizable. Not only were these notes printed for use in France, but they were also printed for the French community and other countries as well.

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The topic of this homepage is austrian papermoney. If you are interested in collecting austrian banknotes, or if you are actually a collector, you will find a lot of interesting information here.

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Welcome to, the web s oldest resource on the paper money of Ireland, live since mid-2000. Our web site aims to be a source of information for collectors of Irish notes from around the world, with hundreds of images of all series of Irish banknotes. It also presents interesting and new information for collectors through the attached forum. [French Banknotes]
Very incredible ressource for french notes. Low serial numbers, rare signatures ... etc. Nice ! Site Incontournable pour les collectionneurs de billets Francais. [French notes]
All about French Banknotes.Tout sur les billets francais.

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all about german banknotes since 1871. [Czech Notes]
Pap√≠rov√° platidla ńĆeskoslovenska 1918-1993, ńĆesk√© republiky a Slovensk√© republiky 1993 - 2008 [Swedish Notes]
all about banknotes of sweden
EuroBillTracker (EBT) is an international non-profit volunteer project dedicated to tracking Euro notes around the world.